GB Quote: And so we live life thinking we are free to choose but in reality for many it's a fantasyGeoff Bird's original anthology of lighthearted poems will appeal to all ages. These verses, many delightfully bizarre, sparkle with little gems of wisdom. Discover the changing fortunes of Dibble the neck-nibbling hare and the antics of Reggie the renegade racehorse. Laugh at an indecently dressed tree frog and marvel at the Jersey cow hung up on ABBA. You might just feel sorry for Oscar living his life back to front.

"This book is pure nonsense in the truest sense of the word. Warm and witty, weird and wonderful, these poems will amuse and delight everyone who reads them."

Simon Bird, actor and writer.

"Geoff has the ability to write poems spanning a wide range of emotions. One of his talents is to offer poetry in an entertaining and uplifting way, while at the same time challenging the reader. I am looking forward to having his book on my shelves, for amongst the pages there are many real gems."

Bee Painton, Bookseller and owner of Serendip Books, Lyme Regis.

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