Here are two samples of Geoff's work.


The woodpecker said “I am stumped

It feels just like being gazumped

I paid in advance for this tree

The agent did seem fair to me

I said I’d sign when I got back

Not thinking squirrels would attack

But while I went to get my bags

Two squirrels who were both old lags

Caught the agent on the hop

Saying that they could not stop

But if he’d take a double fee

They’d sign the form immediately

They wanted to move in ‘today’

In other words move straight away

And by the time that I got back

They’d even had time to unpack

They looked at home in what I thought

Was the tree-hole I had bought

I guess the thing that I have learned

Having got my fingers burned

Is to sign first then get my bags

Or risk defeat by two old lags!”


“I haven’t got the time” he said

So how much have you got?

“About the same as all the rest

My opening line was just in jest

Or to be honest – an excuse

For letting time out on the loose

Not even on a piece of string

So if I need to reel it in

I could at least pull something back

But with no string I’m on the rack

I really should prioritise

And get this time thing down to size

Since I am regularly afflicted

I don’t achieve what I’ve predicted

Optimism fills my eyes

But then things don’t materialise

Good timing always holds the key

To living life effectively!”