Geoff BirdFrom 1997 I have suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. Whether it is as a result of the disease itself, the drugs taken or other factors, negative aspects of Parkinson’s have been accompanied by an ability to write poetry.

Shortly after I was diagnosed I experienced a major outpouring of verses often written at night and at speed: a speed which suggested that they had been queuing and waiting for their release into daylight. As a result, characters such as Young Mr Dibble and Shootalinus the Ticket Tout were born. Now the queues are shorter but the writing continues! It struck me that at least some of this ability might be found in my genes inherited from my Great-Grandfather and his son my Grandfather who were entertainers and illusionists. They both used the stage name ‘Dr Lynn’ and the former is credited with inspiring Houdini.

There comes a time when one has to decide just what to do with 200 poems! I have chosen a cross-section of 50 for this anthology. I was keen that their flavour should be reflected in the book’s title hence it is called Poetic Stuff and Nonsense. I want this collection to entertain and enrich a wide audience.